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Sunsetwheel Information Site

About the Sunsetwheel
The sunsetwheel is a portable circular slide rule device for computing the time of sunrise or sunset at any location on the Earth on any day of the year.  Please find instructions, diagrams, and photographs below.

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· instructions
· our primary information website 

sunsetwheel - click to magnify
diagram of the current model of sunsetwheel
(revised 2002 December 14)

sunsetwheel - click to magnify sunsetwheel -- $55.50 (shipping included) order now
(photograph of the previous model of sunsetwheel revised 2002 December 05)

· how to calculate the times of sunrise and sunset with a scientific calculator
· sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and related data (provided by the U. S. Naval Observatory)
· a wrist watch capable of indicating sunrise and sunset times

sunsetwheel (front and back) - click to magnify
sunsetwheel -- $55.50 (shipping included) order now
photograph of the previous model of sunsetwheel (front and back) (revised 2002 December 05)

Other Products Available
· Moonstick
· Calendarwheel

· Lunawheel

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How To Contact Us

When you have questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know by
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Sean Barton, Moonstick Co.
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Sunsetwheel copyright 2001-2002 Sean Barton, map data copyright 1992-1996 Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.; all rights reserved.